10 Things I learned Senior Year

It is officaly the month I graduate, and I cannot believe it is actually happening. It’s starting to feel more and more real with finishing up payments for college, and receiving my cap and gown. My heart doesn’t feel as ready as it should be but I don’t think I’ll ever be fully ready. This year though has been one of the most influential and earth shattering for me who knows if that will change next year but for now it truly was.

There were so many things I had happen and so many different situations I was put in that in the end taught me more about myself while also teaching me a lesson. So here’s a list of 10 things that I learned my senior year and that ultimately shaped me and my heart fully.

1. Don’t try and impress everyone.

I spent all of high school focused on what everyone else was doing or who was dating who or what party people were going to and trying to fit in with every single group possible. I used to change who I was or change the way I acted just so certain people would like me, and that just ended up ruining my self esteem in the end. Senior year though helped me realize that I already had found my people and my best friends are the ones that love me for who I am and not who I would try to be.

2. Say yes to people more.

As awful as it sounds I was one of those people that would say no regularly and for no reason half the time. Someone could be anybody would ask me to hang out or go get coffee and I would say no. Maybe thats because some days all I wanted to do was lay in bed and watch Netflix but looking back I fully wish I had said yes. There are so many memories you can build just from saying yes to someone and agreeing to spend part of the day with them doing whatever. Some of the best moment I have had with people or experiences I have had are all because I said yes and was spontaneous for just a little bit.

3. Don’t be afraid to tell people how you actually feel.

Feelings are okay. People don’t say that enough and not enough people know that. But it speaks soooo much truth. I know there were too many times when I was down or had something really heavy on my heart and those around me could tell and would ask me how I was and if I was okay. My answer everytime, “Yeah” or “Im fine”. Bottling it all in does nothing but make it harder on you and makes you feel worse, don’t be afraid to call up a friend or sit down with someone and tell them whats on your mind. I promise the people that love you just want to help you and want to see you happy.

4. You learn what a true friend is.

This one was something a friend of mine learned throughout his senior year, and I couldn’t agree more. I am a firm believer in loving those around you and being kind to everyone, but you definitely learn who sticks by you and cares for you fully. They will talk to you about anything and everything, make sure you’re doing okay when they get the vibe that you’re not. The friends that pay for your meal when you forget your wallet and that love you unconditionally. Friends come and go and are always lessons in life, but always keep an eye out and hold on tight to the ones that always come back no matter what. (Thanks for sending me this one Ryan if you’re reading!)

5. Pictures are great, but live in the moment. 

I love taking pictures, editing them and uploading them to VSCO and the whole nine yards, but one thing that I really focused on this year was putting down the phone. Not stressing so much about getting a certain picture or finding a certain person to take a picture with just because I wanted it. I love pictures and looking back on them it holds so many memories but sometimes you need to just put the phone and really pay attention to whats going on around, because it wont last forever sadly.

6. Eat the bread, eat the cake, eat the ice cream.

So many years of high school was spent stressing about the amount of calories in food or making sure I wasn’t eating too much of this or too much of that. It took so much out of me and really just beat down my self esteem. I decided that my mindset and the way I looked at food was really the unhealthy part of it all. Splurge, treat yourself, but also make sure you’re taking care of yourself and your mind. I learned that I can eat the ice cream almost everyday but also love to have a nice bowl of good protein, veggies, and healthy fats. The gym became something I loved to do and had fun doing not a punishment for after having eaten some potato chips. Don’t stress so much, just focus on making your mind and body healthy.

7. Just study.

As hard as it is to sit down in a room with your notes and books and everything sprawled out and to stay focused long enough to actually study it is worth it in the end. I wish I would have spent more time actually studying than procrastinating because in the end it just leaves me more stressed when finals roll around and Im sitting there trying to figure out a way to pull up all my grades. Those 30 minutes you could spend doing a little studying pay off in the long run and you’ll be so grateful when you’re exempt from taking finals.

8. It really does go by fast.

I remember walking into my first day of freshman year so vividly and clear, feeling like I would be in high school forever and that it would never end. Well here we are 30 days away from graduation and I never thought it would fly by that fast. I feel like just yesterday I was putting on my outfit for first day of senior year and now I’m trying on my cap and gown. With that being said don’t take any moment for granted really take in everything single thing you do, because in a blink of an eye high school will be coming to an end and a new chapter in your life will be starting.

9. Your mom is your best friend.

Freshman year me was the one who wouldn’t talk to my mom really or just go to the movies with her one weekend. I tended to not trust or believe her when she would tell me when something was wrong and something was right. Now thought, I fully believe my mom knew best in every single situation and was always right. She truly is one of my best friends and I get so excited when she asks me to do something on a saturday now, and I listen to her advice. Your mom loves you unconditionally and will never stop loving you no matter how bad you mess up or how mean you are one day. Your mom knows best and always will so try and really listen to her.

10. Most importantly have fun

High school was one of the greatest points in my life and I loved every single second of it. Do whatever you can do to make it the best memories of your life. Go to the football games, show school spirit during homecoming week, and just make sure you really cherish every single moment. I still feel like I am 14 years old and shouldn’t be moving out of my home in a few months but its here and its happening and I can’t wait for the future.


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